Friday, February 24, 2012

Beatbox Kitchen Rooftop

Burger reviewed: Grass fed beef, cos lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion and stereo sauce.
Venue: Beatbox Kitchen
Date: 24/2/2012

The fellows journeyed down Swanston Street to the Beatbox Kitchen (located at the rooftop bar of Cookie) this week. Once arriving, due to the lack of available elevators we decided to ascend up 7 flights of stairs. Given the 30+ temperature of the day, it felt like the Kokoda trail, but who doesn’t mind burning a few calories? Just ask Stuart Dew and Lance Whitnall. The venue itself could not be more spectacular. It doesn’t get much better than sitting outside on a sunny day, 7 stories high looking out towards Melbourne’s skyline, while the d├ęcor was simple but good. The beer on tap – Little Creatures Bright Ale was as smooth as Scott Pendlebury’s skills.

Don’t be fooled. This venue is not meant to be renowned for its cooking. There is small kitchen and certainly no famous chef putting his name to it (ie Rockpool). You get the feeling the chefs are actually teenage kids from a popular John Hughes 1980s movie. The speed of service may not have been as quick Black Caviar, but you can’t complain about getting a Hay List.  

Ok to the burger itself, Beatbox should really take a bow for being able to create a burger that is simple but delicious. The patty is large and complimented by a soft bun, while the meat was cooked to a nice medium. I guess the grass fed beef gave the burger an extra taste but what really distinguishes this burger from its competitors are two simple features. Firstly the burger comes with “Stereo Sauce”. While this may not be the sauce you are familiar with at Stereosonic, this mayonnaise provides a tangy kick that gives the consumers a rare delight. Secondly the cheese literally melts in your mouth. All this provides for a very juicy burger which can pose problems when trying to keep your attire clean. If trying to impress the fairer sex that night, I recommend eating with caution.

The French fries were crisp and cooked to near perfection. I will never complain about a solid serving of well cooked shoe strings next to my burger. Annie’s homemade spicy relish which accompanies, the fries once again provided a unique tangy sensation.

Looking at the value, you may not be getting a Pinker Pinker price ($20 Cox Plate winner), but you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Burger and fries for $11, add a pint of Little Creatures and you’re looking at $20. For all you growing boys the double patty burger and chips goes for $15 and should see you sufficed for the rest of the day.

Overall there is not much you can say that is wrong about this burger. The fellows were mighty impressed by it. Beatbox concentrate on doing the simple things right. They don’t try to be flashy adding unnecessary ingredients but a few tricks here and there create a unique burger experience that cannot be found readily enough.  A lot like Lenny Hayes, who may not have all the superstar skills but is still regarded as a superstar player.

In conclusion try a burger at Beatbox, NOW.

Burger Friday Rating:  42.73/50

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  1. Been to beatbox - good burger

  2. There is also a food truck of Beatbox located in Carlton North. What a burger.

  3. Yeha the food truck is awesome. Brilliant idea from those guys. Like it a lot

  4. Hopefully the chef didn't complete the burger with a classic 2004 Francesco Totti spit!

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