Friday, February 3, 2012

Burger Friday Constitution

Burger Friday Constitution

The 3rd day of the month of February 2012

1.       A quorum consists of two or more Fellows of the Burger Friday
2.       The responsibility of writing the Burger Friday Burview (Burger/Review) should be rotated to encourage variety, humour and competitiveness.
3.       The Burview should follow the Burview standard protocol, including the following factors:
a.       Venue
b.       Rating
c.        Photo
d.       Funny write up
e.        Each burger shall be likened to a sportsperson or animal (in the light of The Fuse’s affinity towards Black Caviar and other equines) or other topical subject of the day.  
f.        Recommendation
4.       The capacity for honorary Fellows of the Burger Friday to "sit in" will be allowed on the acceptance of two existing members of the Fellows.
5.       To become a member of the Fellows, one must pass the membership requirements as determined by the majority of the Fellows.
6.       Each Fellow of the Burger Friday is to complete the Burger Friday Rating System.  The average of the quorum for that day should constitute a rating.
7.       A Burger should be only eaten with the hands.
8.       Anonymity of the Fellows should remain at all times.
9.       An annual Burger Friday Burger Bonanza will occur on the first Friday of the Fifth month of the year.
10.    Veggies Burgers will not be accepted and the Fellow of the Burger Friday who suggested the venue with be required to shout each Fellow their next Burger Friday
11.    Burger Friday venue location should be rotated weekly.
12.    Selection of eatery (also known as the Summer Bay Diner Rule) - The right of selection of the following weeks eatery should be bequeathed to the individual responsible for the previous weeks blog.
13.    The appellate jurisdiction - in the event of any dispute whatsoever, the matter shall be escalated to the appellate jurisdiction of the Fellowships of the Burger, whereby the majority consensus shall prevail.
14.    Power to amend the constitution - Following the agreeance of the constitution of the Founding Fellows, any constitutional amendments must be agreed upon by majority of the Fellows.  Any constitutional amendments must be made in writing and accompanied with a six-pack of Lager/Draught which will form the basis of constitutional debate.
15.    Punishment for missing an entire months worth of Burger Fridays - shouting each Fellow their next Burger Friday.
16.    In order to become a Fellow of the Burger Friday, you must either be the son of a Fellow of the Burger Friday, or save the life of a Fellow of the Burger Friday.
17.    If there are even numbers of Fellows of the Burger Friday, if there is a split in opinion, and if no clear decision emerges from debate, a two-man sack race will be held on consecutive Sundays until a decision can be made.
18.    Never leave a Burger Friday Fellow on his own wearing a funny hat or costume.
19.    Always be a team player.
20.    The default font for Burger Friday is Times New Roman.
21.    Eat plentiful and digest your food.
22.    If you are going to be late for a Burger Friday, you must inform your Fellows and not leaving them hanging in the office for longer than 15 minutes waiting for you.  Failure to notify your Fellows will result in shouting a round of beers to all the Fellows you left waiting.  
23.    Contemporaneous records of the review of the Burger must be kept and collated by the person completing the weekly Burview.
24.    The default punishment for breach of a rule is to buy a round of beers for all Fellows.
25.    If a rule contains its own punishment then that will assume priority over the default punishment.
26.    If in doubt the meat Hierarchy is Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Fish.
27.    Shoes say a lot about a man.
28.    The rules of the Fellows are sacred. Respect them.
29.    Have fun. It’s why you are here.
30.    Blog must be submitted by the Monday following the Burger Friday at 9am.
31.    Expulsion from the Fellows of Burger Friday can be done only on the agreeance of 75% of Fellow members.
32.    Do not divulge the secrets of the Fellows.
33.    If a Fellow eats a burger at the same venue as the other Fellows, but is part of a different dining group, so long as he eats the same burger and provides contemporaneous rating, his review will be included in the weekly Burview.
34.    On the first Friday of the months March, June, August, November the payment of the entire bill of Burger Friday will be decided by Credit Card Roulette.
35.    Burger consumption will commence simultaneously. No fellow may begin consuming a burger before his fellow Fellows. Etiquette is sexy.
36.    Fellows shalt respect the sanctity of their Learned Fellows chips and shall refrain from taking fries.  To the extent any Fries are taken, the Learned Fellow who suffers said loss is entitled to recoup double of the quantity loss.  Failure to have sufficient supply of said Fries is punishable by a round of beers.
37.    To the extent that a Gazetted public holiday falls on a Friday, it will be at the discretion of the majority of the Fellows to shift Burger Friday to an alternate date in that week.  Any such shift requires 5 days notice to all Fellows.


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