Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Rising Sun Hotel

Burger Reviewed: The Riser Burger

Venue: The Rising Sun Hotel

Date: 28/4/13

Today the Burger Friday Fellows ventured to the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond to visit the Rising Sun Hotel. Whilst Richmond may have plenty of pubs, from the very snazzy gastro pubs through to the old traditional styles, the Rising Sun Hotel (or the Riser as the locals call it) is what some nowadays might politely call "unique".

Located on the corner of Burnley and Swan Streets, the Riser is a quintessential blokes pub, nothing fancy, but just chock full of all the honest parts of a good old fashioned local. The food is strictly old school pub classics, reasonably priced and set out in a comfortable dining room, replete with TV’s covering all sports. And it may be the only place in Melbourne where you can still play Big Buck Hunter. Yes, that is the kind of unique we are talking about. 

That almighty of combinations of sport, beer and food is exactly what brought the Fellows to the Riser. With the UFC Middleweight title fight of Jon Bones Jones v Chael Sonnen on the TV’s, the Fellows were able to indulge in all three elements .

After more trash was thrown around pre fight than you would find at a garbage tip, the fight disappointingly ended in little more than a yelper with Bones Jones easily completing his title defence inside the first round. Fortunately our stomachs were more satisfied with the burger than the preceding “ground and pound” of the UFC fight card.

The burger sampled today was the Riser burger. Coming in at a very reasonable $15 with chips, the Riser is a burger with the lot, comprising a generous house made burger, crispy bacon, fried egg, cos lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese, and topped off with the triply whammy sauce trio of onion jam, aioli and bbq sauce on a soft bun.

The ménage a trois of sauces was a massive tick, as was the handmade meat pattie which was cooked perfectly with just enough juiciness. Also worth giving special mention was the inclusion of tasty cheese in the burger, which I personally think is underrated . Whilst gruyere often gets all the kudos, tasty cheese just continues to perform week in week out and has done so for decades, not unlike the way Dustin Fletcher goes about it.

We have discussed it on a few previous occasions on Burger Friday but its worth reiterating that if you are going to name a meal after the venue, it should be symbolic of the venue itself. And that was certainly achieved here. The Riser is all about just sticking to a tried and true formula of giving the punters what they want. While it won’t be pushing any culinary boundaries, the Riser burger is tasty, satisfying and honest.

In light of the above, I will dub this burger the Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Big Country is an MMA fighter who despite looking like he would have the athleticism of an overweight truckdriver, he is an honest fighter who has a habit for delivering some big old classic hits, including the knockout of the fight card whilst we were at the Riser. Similarly, the Riser despite its looks it just delivers good old pub classic hits and its burger is certainly one of them.

If you are ever looking for a pub that shows sport, you can have a bet, a beer and a feed, then the Riser fits the bill.

Burger Friday Rating: 37/50

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