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Burger Monster

Burger Reviewed: Hamburger + Cheese and Bacon

Venue: Burger Monster

Date: 24/5/2013

This week the Burger Friday fraternity journeyed into uncharted waters and made the trek down to the Harbour Town shopping centre. Located in Melbourne's infamous Docklands, where tumbleweeds would not be out of place on the best of days, it is fair to say that the ambience surrounding Harbour Town is far from perfect.  Former Victorian Planning Minister, and dual Carlton premiership ruckman, Justin “Harry” Madden has a lot to answer for here.  Sadly, he is more likely to be remembered for his role in approving this desolate shopping district rather than his loping two bounces and goal from fifty (while being chased through the centre of Waverley Park by another of the great dinosaur ruckmen, Shaun Rehn) – well worth a look:

Despite the adversities of its surrounding, for which the BM can take no blame, the BM franchise remains passionate about rekindling the nostalgic memories of the "Great Australian Burger".  It proudly displays its burger mantra (which other venues could learn a thing or two from):

-A Great Australian Burger is a juicy burger that’s cooked on the grill only when you order it.
-The Great Australian Burger originated in the Milk Bar’s and Fish & Chip Shops of the Seventies.
-Australians love a good Burger. And we’re not talking junk food mass produced in a factory.

Against the backdrop (and excitement) of a traditional Aussie burger, we ordered the Hamburger + Cheese & Bacon for a reasonable $7.95; add in small chips and your fish & chip shop-style can of soft drink and the price came to a round $14.

Sure enough, as soon as we ordered the chef threw the pattie on the grill, staying true to the BM values of no pre-made produce. We prayed that this was a sign of things to come.

The burger consisted of a fresh ground beef pattie, tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, bacon and the BM special sauce.

The bun was a light, thin and pleasantly grilled, with dead horse spread on the bottom and the special sauce on the top. The special sauce was a winner – a somewhat smoky mayonnaise, it provided a nice balance to perfectly charred burger and was in generous supply.

The pattie was all it promised to be, juicy and charred to perfection. Along with its loyal companions of grilled onion and crispy bacon, this was burger was to form and was one of the most Aussie tasting burger we've had so far.  It brought back memories of summer days of throwing a pattie on the BBQ while watching the Aussie Open in 30 degree heat.

With this memory in mind, we must dub this Burger the Wayne "Uncle" Arthur Burger.

During a long-spanning career on the international Tennis tour, Wayne Arthurs portrayed everything that Australian sportspersons strive to stand for. With a never give up attitude, the Aussie battler always left all he had on the court, and despite his shortcomings as a player drew unmatched popularity from the Australian public. Sensationally Uncle Arthurs won his first tour title at the ripe age of 33.

Like Arthurs, the Burger Monster burger portrayed everything we love about Australian sportspersons, albeit in cuisine sense. Notwithstanding the fact that it' still a fair way off our top rated Burgers, we are proud to say we loved the Burger for what it was, a good Aussie feed. We believe with more exposure and time the Australian public will fall in love with this Burger franchise as well.

Burger Friday rating: 34.5/50

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