Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jus Burgers

Burger Reviewed: The Pommy Burger

Venue: Jus Burgers

Date: 25/1/2013

Today's burger adventure saw the Fellows make their way down to Jus burgers, a Western Australian institution, for an absolute ball-tearer of a burger.

We made our way down to Chapel street and were greeted by a Grill'd style venue, complete with graffiti on the walls, tattooed waiters and waitresses (although I believe the word waitress is no longer gender equal - I think this was designed to eliminate the awkwardness if Caster Semenya ever became a waiter/waitress) and modern hip-hop beats. Word!

We ordered the "Pommy" burger and one expected an English cricketer to come wedged between a brioche. But then I remembered, no one in the English cricket team is actually English. Seriously, what were they thinking giving Ravi Bopara a passport? He is the only batsmen to ever be outsmarted by a Mitchell Johnson slower ball. But that is off topic.

The table number we were given was easily the most unique we have had so far - it was a toy dinosaur with a number drawn on it with a permo.

So I thought I would do something slightly different for this blog and issue a viewers poll.

So, on the count of three, name your favourite Dinosaur. Don't even think about it. Just name it. Ready?  One, two, three - Velociraptor!

Admittedly, Palaeontology is just a hobby of mine and it has been a long time since I watched Power Rangers so I am not sure what type of dinosaur it is in the photo. Diplodocus?

Anyway I should probably describe the burger before I go and wail on some pumpkins in the garage.

The patty was clearly hand made. It was an excellent size in proportion to the toppings and the bun and it was really juicy and cooked well. You can always tell a hand-made patty from the way the meat fibres coagulate into smaller delicious lumps of meaty goodness as compared to a processed patty which has no discernible meat fibres. Just some advice from the experts. I am wearing a cravat if that makes me any more trustworthy.

The bun was a perfect fit. Fluffy, light and slightly toasted. There were some minor structural integrity issues but good burger management skills should see you through without a problem. Think Mark Ricciuto's shorts - yeah you might get the odd cheeky nut but they are there to support the bigger picture.

The toppings were good as well. The cheese was melted on top of the patty whilst it was being cooked and the bacon was crispy and provided that charred Flavor Flav. We could not ask for more there.

My one gripe is that I did not notice the sauce as much as I wanted but the burger was not at all dry.

The main job of the sauce is to provide some pizazz to the burger. Whilst we got some tang out of the burger, it just lacked that tiny bit extra to take it to the next level. And I don't think butter will do anything George Colombaris.

This burger is an easy fix - add a pickle for some tang, and include it in a meal deal with a beer and all of a sudden you are looking at burger nirvana!

The sportsperson I would most liken this burger to is that of Buddy Franklin. A Western Australian turned Victorian, with some graffiti on his walls and has all the makings of something special. But with just a few minor tweaks, namely to his goal kicking, he will be right up there with the greats.

Definitely get there if you are in Chapel Street. You will not be disappointed.

Burger Friday Rating: 40/50  

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  1. Ripper Stuff Jus Burgers. Really love what they do.

  2. That is clearly a stegosaurus. Might be time for you to (re)watch Jurassic Park.

  3. You need to check Babu burgers on Windsor side when you visit Chapel st.next time, it is definitely the best burger in Melbourne!

  4. Thanks for the tip! Happy to get around Babu when we are next around the area!

  5. no they weren't. Hello SAM a new place is better and much healthier for you: http://newintstudents.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/hello-sam-cafe-by-katherine.html