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Decca Bar

Burger Reviewed: The Decca Burger
Venue: Decca Bar
Date: 8/2/2013

Friday the 8th saw the Burger Friday fraternity venture to the corner of Queen St and Collins St to the gastropub by day/ nightclub by night, Decca bar.
Upon entering we were taken down the steps into what looked like the main dance floor to where we were quickly seated in front of the DJ Booth, disappointingly the only thing that was ‘pumping’ was the air-conditioner(which was rather refreshing on a sweltering 32 degree day might I add). Apart from one couple putting in some early hours before Valentine’s Day, we were the only customers present on what should have been a busy Friday lunch time. Not unlike Ricky Nixon’s aspiring Comedian career (yes, I’m serious)…this was a clearly worrying sign.
Considering the size of the group, the ‘Decca Burger’ came out within reasonable time. Cooked by the head chef, who shared an uncanny resemblance to the Iron Chef (why else would you watch SBS?), the Burger Friday crew was expecting big things.
The Decca burger came served with an ensemble of chips and pot of miller (the only beer on tap) for a very reasonable price of $15. Plated beside the burger was a small pile of jalapeƱos which served as a pleasant surprise, not unlike Lewis Jetta’s 2012 season, nor Chris “The Gooch” Guccione’s” run to the final in the 2008 Sydney Medibank International …. unexpected!
Now to the burger, which was: a fresh brioche bun with a processed and slightly compact tasty lean Australian beef patty, together with slightly melted cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato. A small amount of mayo was drizzled on the bottom of the top bun, while some tomato sauce drizzled on the bottom bun. Yet to our disdain, bacon was not present (-1).
The structural integrity of our burger earned high praise and due to the lack of sauces and moisture on the patty, the burger didn’t drip everywhere, thus making it the perfect meal to consume while chatting with friends without worrying about the grease stains all over your new white shirt. However there was one main let down, the heart and soul of the burger… the patty. Clearly processed and if I may, a touch too dry, it was the only component that could be clearly faulted.
The relationship of the burger to particular professional sportsman/men became obvious; Colin Sylvia or Bernard “Pea Heart” Tomic would take the honour in this case. Both have all the tools to become superb players, but what they lack is heart (ticker) which is most integral to any sport. The example that sticks out in my mind is Tomic’s  6-3 6-4 6-0 defeat to Andy Roddick in the 2nd round of the 2012 US Open, which prompted Aussie Tennis great John McEnroe to accuse him of tanking.
In summary, the ‘Decca Burger’ for $15 with chips, beers and let’s not forget jalapenos is great value.
If you’re in the area, it would be rude not to go!
Burger Friday Rating: 34.33/50

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